If you’re planning on purchasing a home soon, we have some steps to help you along the way.

Sure you know about touring homes, but here are some things to do before you find a home.

1) Get your finances in Order.

Figuring out what you can afford and saving for a down payment and closing costs.


2) Preparing for how much you can afford. 

Getting preapproved for a mortgage will determine how much you can spend on a home.


3) Saving for a down Payment.

The type of loan will determine what % is needed for a down payment. You’ll need to provide two months of bank statements to prove you’ve had your down payment funds in an account for at least 60 days for them to be eligible for you to use. Lenders require this documentation to ensure that you aren’t taking out another loan to cover your down payment.


4) Contact Me.

We will help you find the right house for your needs!